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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Every business faces uncertainties such as power failures, IT system crashes and natural disasters. Less catastrophic, but potentially damaging events such as viruses, loss of data or the long-term illness of a key IT person could also affect your business operations and profitability.

SJU provides Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services that enable organizations to plan for and mitigate large-scale problems. Rely on our in-depth experience to fit your exact needs. We can:

  • Formulate and design a first-time Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan
  • Review,  assess and report on a plan already in place

Our business continuity services help your organization prepare for events that could disrupt your IT system or cause it to go down altogether. We offer a full complement of services, including continuity planning, providing input and support, or putting a plan into action—all to ensure that you can stay operational and keep generating revenue. 

Our disaster recovery services help you get back in operation quickly in the event of a disruption large or small, whether it is a lightning strike that impacts servers, or the accidental deletion of a key business presentation that is needed in a few days.

We create plans that take into account the human and the technical. We can help determine where and how employees will communicate and share information—and keep doing their jobs. We might, for example, develop the needed response to a long-term power outage so that employees could quickly access data stored offsite and resume phone communications.

Because business in today’s world depends on continuous communication instant access to data and data security our services are essential to helping you maintain operations when the unexpected happens.


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