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Network & Support Services

Organizations with multiple systems or multiple offices experience a significant cost benefit from the use of networking technologies. Networks allow centralized management, centralized communication and centralized resource access. Proper design, reliability, security and efficiency are critical for success. SJU offers installation, support, maintenance, and expansion of an organizations network in order to meet business objectives. Some of our services include:

Secure Network Architecture Design and Installation

  • Identify Network requirements.
  • Custom design network architecture to complement an organizations technology objectives.
  • Off-site testing of new technology deployment to reduce errors and costly delays.

Network Maintenance and Support

  • Routine network testing to ensure proper operation.
  • Problem diagnosis and repair.
  • Timely replacement of critical hardware and devices.

Upgrades and Expansion

  • Expansion of existing networks to add new technology.
  • Network upgrades for enhanced performance.
  • Integration of existing networks with server and Internet services.

Network and Internet Integration

  • Provide gateway and connectivity services to integrate new or existing service providers.
  • Provide secure and reliable business connectivity to partners or subsidiary companies.

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