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Technology Strategic Planning

Planning for information technology in your organization has become increasingly important in our modern technological world. The alignment of your technology and business goals has become a critical consideration for most businesses. SJU can help your organization to align these two important objectives to help produce a greater return on investment from your technology budget. Our proven approach for creating an IT strategic plan is based on the following outline:

  • Review and define your corporate strategic plan.
  • Review and define your current technology infrastructure.
  • Determine the appropriate technology based objectives.
  • Define a project plan, implementation timeline, and project budget.
  • Deployment of defined technology solutions.

The IT strategic planning process examines plans and priorities for the governance and use of information technology. A comprehensive strategic IT plan will align an organization's business strategy with the use and future deployment of IT technology through an organization's departments. IT strategic planning is essential to ensuring business success. An IT strategic plan encompasses a high level of strategic plan with a degree of tactical planning for the current use and future deployment of IT technology.

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