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Audit and Compliance

An audit can be beneficial in identifying areas of strength and weakness within a business structure and can assist in updating your organizational goals and satisfying various financial and legal requirements. Audited statements are helpful in:

  • Negotiating bank loans and other credit
  • Reporting to regulatory authorities
  • Assuring credibility of financial statements for use by partners, stockholders, or bankers
  • Developing stock buy-sell agreements
  • Meeting bonding requirements
  • Safeguarding business assets

Compliance services, though not as extensive as an audit, will provide business owners and managers with the relevant financial information they need to make well-informed decisions. Reviewed statements are often all that is needed for meeting:

  • Bank loan requirements
  • Bonding requirements
  • Buy-sell agreements

We view our role as accountants and auditors to be one of the long-term advisors to our clients, making significant contributions to their financial success.

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