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Management Consulting

Whatever stage in the development of your business, SJU is experienced in providing consulting services to enhance the growth of your company. Our training, experience, and command of information enable us to respond dynamically to your changing needs.

In a start-up situation, we work closely with your attorney to assist you in choosing the type of structure that will best fit your overall business and tax needs, such as:

  • C-Corp
  • S-Corp
  • LLC
  • LLP
  • Partnership

We help you design methods for rewarding investors while holding onto a reasonable share for your own efforts.

Our assistance in preparing and analyzing forecasts for your business can provide for a more successful start to your enterprise. We can help you shorten the financing process through our contacts with bank loan officers, mezzanine lenders, and other sources of loans and equity investments.

As you grow, you will appreciate our assistance in helping you structure management incentives including compensation plans and stock options. We also provide assistance regarding personnel needs, compensation, and fringe benefits. We help you with the implementation of qualified and non-qualified profit sharing plans and we assist you in setting up Cafeteria Plans.

We help you restructure your financial statements to reflect product lines, locations, commonly managed profit centers, incremental contribution margins for new and mature products, overhead costs, and cost centers that will help you gain a better understanding of your business.

Our role in the development of exit strategies, including family transfers, key employee transfers, buy-sell agreements, merger, acquisition, and outright sale of the business will help you maximize the value of the business that you have so laboriously built.

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